Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Crossfit Barbie hits the PNW

 This is a few weeks late, but it's really cool so that'll make up for it. :) I was out in Washington and Oregon about a month ago for a business trip; I flew into Seattle and made my way out to Eastern Washington, down to Eastern Oregon, Portland and back up to Washington. Most of my trip was driving and meeting with customers, but I did get to throw in some "adventure" i.e me pushing a meeting back to run up to waterfalls and walk through the Oneonta Gorge. The customer would never know right? You don't get many chances to be a lot of these beautiful places, so take a break from work sometimes and just do it!

Unfortunately I was sick for the first 2/3 of the trip, so I only finally got to visit a CF gym in Portland, but being outdoors, walking around some incredibly beautiful areas of our country was a peaceful mental WOD that was much of what I needed. You'd also be amazed at how elevation changes things...

Not my best look, but overlooking the Columbia River was priceless

the Oneonta Gorge in Oregon

Sunset over Eastern Washington

Lake Chelan

Snow Caps in 80 degree weather in Stephen's Pass

Cashmere, WA Desert Mountains

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Adventure Life Part 1: Half Marathon

In my last post, I spoke about escaping your comfort zone. I have been fortunate enough to have the chance to constantly escape that "easy place to live" and experience new things on a pretty consistent basis. In a sense, to adventure.

We all tend to get used to a routine. For me it goes a little something like this: wake up, work, eat, work, workout, eat, relax, sleep. On the weekends, I throw in hanging out with friends, sitting by the pool, watching movies or whatever. When I read that over I think, "oh God, how boring!" I can say I am challenged every single say at both my job and at crossfit, but that doesn't necessary mean I am experiencing something new every day.

It may be almost impossible to experience something drastically new every day, but I really try and do it as often as I can. Last week I ran my first half marathon with my friend and training partner Melissa. We hadn't trained at all (only crossfit) and went into it with pretty low expectations, which we thought were realistic. I had never run more than 10 miles at once, so I was a little nervous about how my knees would hold up, but hell we ran fast and we had a GREAT time doing it. That's what doing something new is about!

To give a little recap:
Miles 1-3- ran anywhere from 9:05-10:00 miles! There was no room to run but it was an OK start for us, feeling out our bodies and chatting away
Miles 4-10- ran a solid 8:30-8:45 pace the entire way. I pushed the pace a bit around Mile 7, but it was worth it. We push each other really well.
Miles 10-13- I was kind of dying lol but Mel decided it was time for her to push the pace, so we rounded out the end of the race in the lower end of the 8 min miles. We didn't have much at the end to sprint or anything and for me that just means we pushed ourselves as hard as we could.
Ended at 1:55.21, definitely a time we didn't expect!

Now I can't wait to do another half with this girl.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Escaping Your Comfort Zone

A comfort zone. What happens there? You may succeed...to a point. You may fail....to a point. There are no risks, there is little emotion and there is no forward motion. It is a stand still. Not a bad place, but not where the beautiful, scary, exciting things happen in life. In my opinion, we are not meant to live here. How would new ideas come about, things get invented, people fall in love? Sure as hell not because they are "comfortable"

Exactly like our comfort zone...you have to go when it's easier to stay!

As a Crossfitter, I would say that I put myself outside my comfort zone pretty regularly, but let's be honest, there are certain movements and workouts that I feel perfectly comfortable and I just float along. About a week and half ago, I did the Civilian Military Combine, an military style obstacle race that begins with a Crossfit workout "pit." I can say for a majority of it, I was scared and pretty damn miserable. But, as I knew would be the case, I felt accomplished after. I may have skipped a few obstacles out of fear, but rolling around in mud and climbing over things was more than out of my comfort zone. I learned how much the power of having the support of the people around you means and how you don't have to be alone outside of your comfort zone. As a matter of fact, you rarely are. 

For most fitness people, we are used to escaping this comfort zone physically, we do it willingly and ready to face the challenge, but do we let it bleed into other areas of our lives? Whether it be professionally, personally, spiritually...it is important to remind myself (yourself) that the ship sailing sees more, experiences more and gets farther. 

Think about it...what more can you do to push yourself to your limits, to make yourself a little bit uncomfortable, to make yourself adventure and grow?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Take Advantage of Being Lucky

how i feel.

I know we all have those days (maybe weeks) where it feels like the world has turned on us...we don't feel like ourselves, nothing we do seems to be quite up to par, everything seems more difficult and confusing than it should be, anger/sadness/frustration seem to be a theme of emotions we can't seem to shake...
It sucks. I know what it feels like. I would never discount anyone for feeling that way, but take a step back.
Take a deep breath.
Think about all the things that make you lucky, literally count your blessings.

Whether it be the amazing family you have, your parents, your spouse, your children
or the fact that you Crossfit, you are physically able to move your body in a way some people cannot
or that you have a job, an income, a way to provide for yourself
or that you are healthy, with minimal sickness
or that someone loves you. It doesn't matter who, just that you are loved
or that you can sleep at night without worrying about food being on the table or a roof over your head
or even more simply that you can drink coffee, you can eat candy, you can laugh, you can smile and it be genuine.

I could go on forever...but really think about it and 1 by 1, count your blessings, look at how lucky you are and LOVE IT, take advantage of it.

*Don't forget to donate, a Crossfit athlete in a horrible situation, my prayers are with him and his family.